Dr. Tom Gross saved my life.

I had bi-polar disorder and post-partum depression. I had attempted suicide a couple of times and had to institutionalized for a week because I was having fantasies about killing my four month old daughter. After I began seeing Dr. Tom, my stability increased after a short time. Eventually, I was able to stop taking my anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. I have been off the drugs for a year now, and I’m still doing great! Thanks so much Dr. Tom.
– Rebekah

Our Laura. Her hands have blessed us all body, mind, & soul. Mama’s Papa’s, Grand’s and Great’s, our babies, each from head to toe. Her heart of gold created by our Daddy’s hands, has touched us to a depth I hope she understands. I wanted to say Thank you, for each and every touch. To you…Our Laura, who is loved, so very much!
– Lisa

There is so much I can say about Dr. Tom and Dr. Laura Gross. I have been going to their practice since 2000 and have had amazing results in my health and well-being. I will never be able to thank them enough for all they have helped me with. When I first began going to MRFC I seen Dr. Laura for an adjustment and had my first massage. Her adjustments are always healing and amazing. The number one reason for this testimony is for her assistance in the delivery of my son, Thaddeus. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I called Dr. Laura and began regular adjustments through out my pregnancy. Dr. Laura has a calming and reassuring spirit about her that helped eased my mind more than one time. The day I went into labor she showed up and began helping me out with my back pain from labor. Bless her heart I wouldn’t let her leave my side. Dr. Laura was an excellent coach all through out my labor and delivery. The one thing I remember the most and will never forget is the prayers she prayed for me. She has always gone above and beyond to help out my family. She even came all the way to my home to adjust my son and I a week after delivery. Dr. Laura is an excellent doctor and friend and I would recommend her to anyone. I have also seen Dr. Tom for wisdom on how to take care of my body through supplements and nutrition. Dr. Tom is full of information and has helped me so much. I was struggling with no energy so I went to see Dr. Tom and after a few simple tests he discovered I had a slow thyroid. Blood test did not reveal this, but thyroid disease runs in my family. I took two supplements and within a few days I felt more energy! It was truly amazing to me. Any advice Dr. Tom gives me, now I listen carefully and do what he tells me to do. Last but not least, Dr. Tom and Dr. Laura will tell you the truth about how to take care of yourself, which I think is a great quality to have in a doctor. So, make your appointment, you won’t regret it!!
– Amanda

My daughter, Elizabeth, has been seen by Dr. Tom Gross for about the past two years. Elizabeth has a rare form of dwarfism, Spondylopiphyseal Dysplasia congentia. Elizabeth had developed scoliosis, which is not uncommon with her type of dwarfism. Our orthopedic physician had put her in a brace to try to arrest the curve. The lower curve progressed from about 27 degrees to somewhere in the 40’s while she was in the brace. Our local orthopedist recommended surgery when the curve progressed to 47 degree but he also recommended a second opinion. We got an appointment with a specialist in DE, but had some time in between appointments. We were already seeing Dr. Gross at this point. Dr. Gross had some ideas to work with Elizabeth in that interim, which we did for about 6 months.

When we had the appointment with the specialists, he said he did not believe surgery was necessary at that point, since the xrays he took had a curve reading at 40 degrees! This was either a regression of the curve or a difference in xrays. We continued seeing Dr. Gross on a more limited basis. Six months later, we had a returned appointment with the specialist-her curve was now at 45 degrees, and he believes surgery is in her future but it is not emergent. We have seeing Dr. Gross on a weekly basis since that point. We believe that his approach at the very minimum “bought” Elizabeth some time before facing such a serious surgery, and at the maximum may make the surgery unnecessary. We have found great hope in his work and are delighted to be able to attest to our positive experience.
– Marjorie

Last fall Dr. Tom diagnosed me with a serious condition I didn’t have diabetes or hypo-glycemia, so I called it a glucose/insulin problem. I have had many relatives die of diabetes. Whenever I have a serious problem, I get a second opinion, as I did when I had to have a spinal surgery. My primary doctor found that I am glucose intolerant, or pre-diabetic. I now have to check my blood glucose once a day. And, of course, I am watching my diet VERY closely. My doctor had me take a class Watson Clinic calls Diabetes 101. After the class I told the nurses who taught the class about Dr. Tom and his diagnosis. They totally agreed with me when I declared, “He saved my life.” And I am NOT going to get diabetes. I’m thankful more than I can say.
– Westrate

I have suffered with low back pain for 20 years. The treatments given to me by doctors and a chiropractor did not help. After just one treatment by Dr. Tom Gross there was a GREAT improvement. Before seeing Dr. Tom I was unable to do a lot of my house cleaning and yard work and now I’m doing all work with very little pain.
Thank God for Dr. Tom – I feel he is a miracle doctor sent from the “Great Physician” – who is Jesus!
– Doris

I came to Mills River Family Chiropractic in May of 2006. I had had six heart attacks that the Doctors had said were caused by genetics. My highest cholesterol was 234, even though my blood pressure was low, and I was exercising. I was treated by a cardiologist but I continued to have heart attacks and they placed me on medications constantly. Our daughter, Crissy, recommended Mills River Family Chiropractic to me and I went and the results were wonderful! My cholesterol is down to 133 and I feel great! I am off of all prescription medications except one and I hope to be off of it soon.
– Ted

I came to Mills River Family Chiropractic in December of 2004. I had been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and one medical doctor told me I needed spine fusion while another one suggested I wait science out for the new disk replacement surgery. I had been to see several pain specialists. One wanted to put me on brain altering drugs to help my pain. I told him it was my back that hurt not my brain. After a visit with another pain specialist, I did agree to some procedures to get myself out of pain. With the pain relieving techniques, I began to swim and seemed to feel some better, however I was still on narcotic pain medicine, an anti-inflammatory, stomach acid reducers (because of the anti-inflammatory), muscle relaxers and an anti-depressant. Within six months of seeing Dr. Laura and Dr. Tom, whom I met at church, with prayer, adjustments and nutritional supplements, I am now off of all of the prescription narcotics, anti-inflammatory, stomach acid reducers, muscle relaxers and anti-depressant. I feel more energetic and stronger. I am now doing house-work, yard work, and working 40 hours a week. Praise Jesus!! This is a miracle to me.
– Suttles

My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADD and was dealing with terrible migraines that would send her into panic attacks, and awful recurring ear infections. We came to see Dr. Laura who adjusted her and recommended some nutritional supplements that stopped the ear infections immediately and recommended we see Dr. Tom about the ADD, migraines and food sensitivities.
Through prayer, Dr. Laura’s work, Dr. Tom’s diagnosis, and hard work, she is off ADD medication, in regular education classes, and making A, B’s and C’s in high school. The ear infections have stopped. The migraines are controlled and stopped through nutritional supplementation and diet. We are so thankful to Jesus for what we feel like are miracles!
– Ogles

Words can’t express how grateful I am for you and your knowledge and skills. I firmly believe that if I had continued down the “medical route”, I would have been diagnosed with MS and would have continued to lose more and more control of my legs and balance. I noticed my first symptoms in 2004 when I felt a soreness and pressure in my neck. A thyroid panel showed autoimmune thyroid condition. I also noticed slight difficulty climbing stairs and one of my children commented that I was limping. I remember having frequent loose stools, urgency, and occasionally felt like my intestines were burning. Through numerous stool tests over several months I was found to have no beneficial bacteria in my intestines and even with several different high-powered probiotics, my intestines would not maintain proper levels. I also had a bone density scan done which slowed osteopenia. I felt like my body was going downhill at a rapid pace, like I had aged 20 years in three. i felt like I wasn’t absorbing all the wonderful nutrients I was taking in and started researching why that might be the case. Upon my request I was tested for celiac and found to test positive. I went on a strict gluten free diet and noticed some improvements such as improved bowel function and improved balance but soon my legs started getting worse. I was randomly limping, hobbling, walking like a penguin, or having my legs buckle. I hesitated going to anyone else’s home because if they had steps, I’d have trouble climbing them My legs and hips ached at night, sometimes so badly, I’d have to get up and try to sleep in a chair. My customers were asking me what was wrong, why was I limping, etc. Having a positive celiac diagnosis, I decided that it might be good for me to have a local primary care physician set an appointment with a new doctor. Her 45″ evaluation centered mainly around my legs and back. She insisted that I have blood work and a colonoscopy, referred me to an arthritis specialists and recommended that I have an MRI of my spine, an MRI of my brain, and a spinal tap to rule out MS or tumors. I had the bloodwork and colonoscopy and had a disappointing appointment with the arthritis specialist and her PA. When I told them each than I felt like I couldn’t walk normally and neither watched me walk. I wondered why I spent that $300.00! I also told them eating certain foods seemed to make my legs get worse and they said that nothing I ate would make a difference.
In October, I decided to see you (Dr. Tom). Your testing indicated immune disfunction. Shortly after that, Bruce “happened” (by God’s grace) to see an interview on TV of a couple who had experienced mold toxicity from Katrina damage to their home. They had done much research and written a book about mold. Bruce thought what they described sounded similar to my experience and recommended that I get the book. Upon reading the book, I could understand how I might have poisoned myself breathing and eating moldy grains daily over a 3-4 year period, especially since the groundwork had been laid several years ago when I had taken penicillin (a mycotoxin) daily for four years. On my next appointment, I discussed it with you and asked if you could test me for molds and mytoxins. You listened! That’s the one thing I really appreciate about you. You didn’t look at me like I was crazy. You are the most skilled at muscle testing of anyone I’ve ever met. You tested me for molds and myotoxins and confirmed my suspicions. You tested me for various remedies and were able to clearly pinpoint the ones that would work best for me and the amount needed to use for the best results. Following your guidance, my body is responding very well. I no longer test positive for the molds, and my immune systems tests much better. Most of the time I am able to walk almost normally again. I feel as if the rapid deterioration has been halted and that I’m on a rebuilding and restoration track now. I really appreciate your commitment to dig to find root causes, such as deficiencies or imbalances and then to correct them. When I’m told I have a condition I want to know what caused it and what can be done to correct it rather than merely being handed a prescription.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
– Mary

I came to this office in March of 2000. I was a brain injury patient with a lot of problems. In 1975, when I was 17, I had an automobile accident which put me in a coma for three months. I had to learn to walk, eat and talk all over again. I was paralyzed on my left side. The doctor’s who treated me, only treated my separate ailments.
One day as I was on my way to another doctor’s appointment, we passed Mills River Family Chiropractic and I called and made an appointment. I have had better results because Dr. Tom treats the whole person, not just individual ailments.
– Bradley

My wife and I do quarterly organ cleansing every year. We chose to do the reccomended cleanse here at MRFC. With this cleanse, I had the best results. I felt high energy, and no hunger. We did the full 21 day cleanse with a massage and three colonics at the end. I lost a total of 21 pounds by the end. My workouts at the gym were longer and I continue to have more energy than I did before. I will do this cleanse from now on, it’s the best!!
– Neil

I have been following the “Metabolic Typing” diet for two months and I am pleased to say that I’ve lost 5 pounds. I’ve noticed problems when I eat too many carbohydrates: feeling crummy and depressed. I feel better when I follow the diet correctly.
– Sarah