Science Based Nutrition for Optimal Health and Wellness

One of the cornerstones of the Holistic approach mastered at Mills River Family Chiropractic is their profound and thorough utilization of advancements in nutritional science.

Serious nutritional assessments delve into the very building blocks of basic cellular health and communication.  Science based lab evaluations search deep into the unique biochemistry to help determine the root causes and scope of personal health challenges.

Labwork is used to investigate blood glucose irregularities, adrenal gland dysfunction, anemias, infections, Gastrointestinal disorders and food sensitivities, toxicity and detoxification as well as autoimmunity and immune system competency.  Findings are interpreted with cutting edge Functional Ranges, in order to identify hidden patterns hindering optimum health.

Neurotransmitter pathways (such as the one below) and hormones are evaluated as are larger systems of organ function to unravel the mysteries of illness and provide highly customized nutritional interventions.

These all natural evaluations and drugless therapies have helped countless people finally achieve healing who had previously been bounced from doctor to doctor with no help.